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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tourism industries in Malacca by sectors

The main attraction for tourists to visit Melaka is the historical monuments, shopping malls, museums and cultural elements and heritage as a 'Unique Selling Product' of the State of Malacca, particularly Malacca Town.

In line with State Government policy to highlight the Melaka tourism sector based on 11 sub-sectors that have been set, then each sub-sector will be presented as follow:
  • Cultural Heritage Tourism
  • Recreation Tourism (Eco-tourism)
  • Sports Tourism
  • Shopping Tourism
  • Convention Tourism
  • Health Tourism
  • Education Tourism
  • Food Tourism
  • Agriculture Based Tourism
  • Youth Tourism 
Heritage Tourism

Heritage tourism is a key component of tourism industry in the State of Malacca and it is a major tourist attraction, or Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to attract tourists to Melaka (Source: Draft Structure Plan Malacca). Heritage resources are in abundance at Malacca, particularly in the City of Malacca. Thus, the concentration of heritage tourism development is highly concentrated in the city of Malacca. However, emphasis is given to the development of tangible elements (building maintenance)than intangible elements (culture/living culture).

Bandar Hilir
St Paul Tourist Center Tourism Attraction
· Independence Memorial
· The ruins of St. Paul Church
· The Netherlands Tomb
· Independence Obelisk
Bangunan Belanda Tourist Center
. The Great Clock
. Queen Victoria fountain
. Christ Church
. St. Francis Xavier Church
. Hang Li Poh well
. Bukit Cina
. Tokong Sam Poh Kong
. St. Peter Church
Kota Laksamana
Old Bandar Melaka Tourist Center
. Hang Jebat tomb
. Hang Kasturi tomb
. Kampung Kling mosque
. Kampung Hulu mosque
. Jonker Street/Jalan Hang Jebat
. Tokong Cheng Hoon Teng
. Kuil Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi
. Tengkera mosque (Sultan Hussin tomb)

. Sentosa Villa
. Hang Tuah well
Pantai Kundur
. Hang Tuah tomb

Cultural Tourism

The existence of the village and the museum as a cultural tourism asset managed to create its own demand from tourists for cultural activities featured.

Banda Hilir
. Palace museum
. Studhuys museum
. Historical and Ethnography museum
. Youth museum
. Warisan Baba Nyonya museum,
. Kg Morten,
. Kg Chetty
Ayer Keroh
Aboriginal museum

Recreational Tourism

Recreationis an activity that is good for day visitors (day tripper) and tourists who stay in the short term for example at the weekend. Recreational tourism is concentrated in Ayer Keroh and along Pantai Klebang and Pantai Kundur.

Ayer Keroh
. Crocodile farm
. Malacca Zoo
. Ayer Keroh Lake
. Klebang Beach
. Kundor (Puteri) Beach
. Tg. Kling Beach

Sport Tourism

Various events have been launched from year to year(see tourism events). Sporting events are also involved participation from outside the State of Malacca and get the attention of tourists either in the country and overseas. However, these events have less attention to foreigners because the scale of  events mainly for local. Therefore, the requirements for large-scale and international standards events is  essential to promote sports tourism sector. In addition, Malacca has the potential of becoming a tourist center for family as the attractions offered are close to each other and form a package (bundling).

Bukit Serindit
. MBMB Town Park
Batu Berendam (Airport)
. Para Gliding
Ayer Keroh Tourism Corridor
. Ayer Keroh Golf and Country Club,
. Tiara Golf and Country Club,
. Orna Golf & Country Club

Shopping Tourism

Rapid development in the property sector has encouraged the construction of shoppin gmalls. Location factors are important in ensuring that tourism development does no thave an impact on othe raspects of traffic congestion especially in urban areas such as the construction Mahkota Parade in Melaka town center whichhas significant impact on congestion to the city center. Therefore, the construction of shopping center salong Ayer Keroh corridor can reduce the concentration of vehicles to the existing center such as Jaya Jusco,Tesco and others. In addition, the closure of streets like Jonker Walk, Mahkota Parade and MITC at certain times for hawking activities to attrac ttourists to fill th eevening activities while shopping. Indirectly, it can increase the concentration of tourists and visitors to the buildings houseshops and 'turn on' the city at night.

Jalan Hang Jebat
· Jonker Street (Hawker Activities )
Old Bandar Melaka
Antique shops, crafts shops and souvenirs
. St. Paul Hill
. Padang Pahlawan
St. Paul
Bandar Melaka
Shopping Complex
. Mahkota Parade,
. Plaza Hang Tuah,
. Plaza Soon Heng,
. The Store,
. Jaya Jusco
. Dataran Pahlawan
Ayer Keroh
Handicrafts center
Shopping Complex:
. Jaya Jusco,
. Kotamas,

Medical Tourism

Malacca has provided medical services on par with most other developed countries. Apart from government hospitals there are 3 private hospitals and 82 private clinics. Private hospitals also receive patients from outside of Malacca (Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei)

Bandar Melaka
. Mahkota Medical Center,
. Putra Hospital Sdn. Bhd,
. Hospital Melaka
Ayer Keroh
. Hospital Pantai Ayer Keroh

Education Tourism

Malacca is one of Malaysia's education centers. Education industry has grown due to efforts taken by the Malacca State Government to make Malacca as one of Malaysia's leading education centers. Among the top education center in Malacca are:

Bandar Melaka
Yayasan Melaka Colleges
Ranger Colleges,
Kota Institute
Institut Teknologi Seni Malaysia
Stamford Colleges Malacca Branch
Pertama Colleges
Maktab Perguruan Perempuan Melayu Melaka
Institut Bina Usahawan
Institut Informatic Malacca Branch
Kolej Aman, Malacca Branch
Sekolah Antarabangsa Melaka
Universiti Malaya Malacca Branch
UITM City Campus
UTEMCity Campus
Politeknik Kota
Munippal Medical College
Kolej Profesional MARA
Universiti Multimedia Malaysia Melaka,
Kolej Yayasan Saad

Food Tourism

Malacca not only famous for cencalok and asam pedas, is also "heaven" for peranakan, malay, chinese and indian cuisine which reflect the multi-racial society of Malacca. In addition to providing local and western cuisine, there are two unique cuisine only found in Malacca that is Portuguese and Baba and Nyonya cuisine.

Bandar Melaka
Restaurant, cafe, and coffee shops in Malacca town,
Hang Tuah Mall : Stalls (5 buah)
Old Malacca Town : Jonker Street
Ikan Bakar : Muara Sg. Duyong, Portuguese Square, Ujong Pasir, Umbai and Serkam

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